What Our Clients Say




Mike Piazza

Zilla Racing Stables

"The detailed weekly written updates we get on our horses at Margaux is unmatched in this industry. No one values communication more than the Zilla."


William “Buff” Bradley


"I have received many horses from Margaux in the past few years, and they have always come to me with the condition level that gave the horse a great bottom to more forward with their training. A big advantage to having horses in training at Margaux is the state of the art facility which includes two tracks and a turf run. There are many turnout paddocks, pastures and spacious stalls."


Marc Wampler

Pocket Aces Racing

“Our two greatest concerns managing Pocket Aces Racing are our horses and our partners. Margaux Farm’s “customer first” driven services have provided extreme added value for our partners, and our horses have benefitted immensely from the wide variety of training options at Margaux as well as the staff’s expert horsemanship.”


Colette VanMetre

Breeder and owner

“My trainer was thrilled with the training, preparation and overall body condition of my yearling. The transition to the racetrack was seamless for my horse. I couldn’t be more pleased with the starting and training program at Margaux.”


Kathy Elam

Breeder and owner

“Margaux Farm is a marvelous training facility with three tracks. Horses get such individualized attention, and the staff welcomes you and keeps you updated regarding your horse.”


Bruce and Laurie Berenson

Dunwoody Farm

“We love having horses at Margaux Farm. Their training focuses on each individual horse’s needs and the facilities and staff is topnotch. Communication is easy, ongoing and always informative. Our experience at Margaux is what all racehorse owners wish for but seldom attain.”


Pete Cline

Shawnee Farm

“We have been pleased with the education our yearling have received at Margaux Farm. When the breaking process is complete they are ready to go straight in to our trainers. While there we receive frequent updates via Internet or phone calls. We are very happy with the services they have provided for us.”


Brian Lynch


“It’s always a smooth transition to full training when horses come in from Margaux Farm in such good condition. Their strong fitness level makes it easy to go right on with them at the racetrack.”


Bill Bowman

Breeder and owner

“I selected Margaux Farm for my mare because of your facility and management. I wanted consistency with dam and her newborns all the way from birth to when they are broken and readied for the track. The new Margaux Farm keeps me dreaming of the future because of your dedication to perfection. Most of all, I do not worry about anything.”