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Individualized Care for Recovery


Whether it’s recovering from injury, post-operative care, or simply needing a bit of rest, Margaux Farm offers the ideal environment, where horses benefit from our advanced diagnostic capabilities, controlled turnout and individualized attention. Margaux Farm has a close working relationship with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital – two of the best veterinary facilities in the country. By working with those veterinarians, Margaux Farm is able to create a rehabilitation program tailored to each horse’s specific needs.

Dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible, Margaux is consistently investing in the newest state-of-the-art therapeutic tools that will help get horses back to peak performance quickly and safely, without any added stress or strain. Some of those tools include a Game Ready system, an UltrOZ ultrasound, nebulizer, and equine chiropractic and acupuncture care, as well as:

Aqua Equine Treadmill
Using the Aquatred is advantageous when rehabbing horses and also when trying to build fitness. The water reduces concussive forces, providing a safe, controlled environment for the strengthening of muscles and tendons. The Aquatred can also be a useful alternative to a daily galloping routine that might not benefit horses with particular joint conditions. 

Cold Saltwater Spa
Our spa uses saltwater, kept just above freezing at 37˚F. The cold water on the lower limbs has a cooling and massaging effect that is excellent for horses with tendon problems. It also helps to increase circulation as well as reduce pain and inflammation, thus enabling a faster recovery. 

Theraplate Stalls
Horses enjoy standing on the Theraplate, which helps speed up the healing process and can increase bone density as well as circulation. It can also help reduce pain and inflammation.

Salt Therapy Stall (Halotherapy)
During their sessions in the salt stall, horses breathe in a fine aerosol mist of dry salt. The salt goes into the lungs, and helps to clear mucous, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation -this is particularly helpful for horses prone to EIPH. The salt also penetrates the skin and helps to reduce the effects and eliminate skin disease.