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Individualized Training Regimens


One of the key factors that sets Margaux Farm apart from racetracks and traditional training centers is access to turnout. At Margaux, horses are turned out in grass paddocks on a daily basis, allowing them time to socialize and simply be a horse. This results in happier, healthier horses.  

Horses in training at Margaux Farm do so in a quiet, relaxing environment. With three separate tracks on the property, there are numerous options available, which allows us to create highly customized training plans for each horse. In addition, Margaux employs some of the best exercise riders and grooms in the industry, and our Tru-Stride all weather surfaces allows for training throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. When they leave for the racetrack, they are fit and ready to move forward with their respective trainers. 


Tracks & Courses

Three tracks, ample turnout and individualized training regimens. 

Undulating Gallop

Margaux Farm’s all weather gallop is an undulating five furlong course built on the lay of the land on four separate hills. This unique layout provides a break from more conventional training tracks and helps to build muscle in a more efficient manner.  The turns and hills also help reinforce balance and lead changes in young horses.  

Straight Track

The all-weather straight track at Margaux has a distance of a mile and a sixteenth and runs through the center of the farm with a three and a half furlong tear drop finish. The majority of the speed work takes place on our straight track, with the ability to breeze up to five eighths of a mile. The track has been accredited by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and we are able to publish official workouts.  

Turf Course

The turf course at Margaux Farm is an undulating mile and a quarter track. The course lies along the Elkhorn Creek and is a natural floodplain to the farm. The soil of the course is rich with silt and maintains good footing year-round. The turf course has three furlongs of flat track where speed work is done and a one furlong uphill finish.


Advanced information on horses in training is gathered through the use of the KER ClockIt app.

With this, Margaux is able to collect vital information such as heart rate, stride length, feet per beat, split times and speed on any horse. This data is invaluable and provides our team with yet another tool to assess fitness and progress, in turn allowing owners and trainers to make the best decisions for their horse.