The Role of Pasture Turnout in Training

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 

There are a number of reasons why pasture turnout is beneficial to the equine athlete. Not only have studies shown pasture turnout to benefit the horse physically, but also in a mental capacity as well. At Margaux Farm every horse in training receives ample turnout time in addition to its’ routine training practices which take place during the day. 

Our horses in training typically spend 16 plus hours of their day in large open fields. This set-up, designed with the horse in mind, allows for continual grazing and movement by the athlete. Benefits of this practice have shown to regulate gastrointestinal function, increase bone density, and improve fitness. Turnout is especially significant to our young horses, as they have yet to fully mature.      

We’ve also found the attitudes of horses leaving our farm to be refreshed and mentally prepared for their next challenge. Turnout aids in decreasing boredom, aggression, and even stall vices. In addition, turnout allows for greater amounts of airflow and less dust, something unattainable by horses continually stalled. Overall, Margaux Farm considers turnout to play a significant role in our starting, training, and freshening programs.